Ghana's First
Creative Arts Accelerator Program

The TANOEHub Creative Arts Accelerator Program (ThCAAP) presents participants with opportunities and activities to enable them reach their creative potential. Accelerants will actively participate in a 4 - week program of rigorous self-evaluation, intensive mentorship with creative professionals in their chosen field and a deep focus on project-based market-driven creative work. What makes the ThCAAP different is that our entire approach reflects on the creative process, design thinking, and a passion for creativity. This program was built in partnership with creative professionals who work and have experience in the creative arts industry.

Accelerants are encouraged to think realistically about their goals for ThCAAP. Are they looking to develop a marketable skillset in the Ghanaian creative space or simply further their creative passions? Or Do they want to know what will it take to build a comprehensive portfolio to demonstrate their work or pursue a career with their skills? The skills needed to build, develop and sustain a body of creative work or creative business is what ThCAAP gives you. These skills include learning the tools and technical expertise to execute your craft and to develop a working knowledge of the professional requirements to further your passion. We expect Accelerants to build momentum and launch their career during the program, not after.

Why the TANOE Hub Creatives Arts Accelerator Program (ThCAAP) Unique?

What makes the ThCAAP unique is that we have designed it to ensure that accelerants are able to launch themselves during the program by working with real clients, on real projects and marketing their products and services , all during the acceleration period and not after the program. At the TANOE Hub Creative Arts Accelerator Program (ThCAAP), the accelerants will be surrounded by people who are passionate about their success and who will work with them to put into action their dreams. Our workshops are designed with the specific goals of the accelerants in mind and include interactive and hands-on activities leading to measurable increases in accelerant’s knowledge, skills, networks, and self-confidence. The end result is creative artists who develop their passions into global sellable products and services.

ThCAAP Facilitators

Our team of facilitators understand exactly what it to be a creative artist in this industry and know the ropes, ins and outs and how to manoeuvre your way in without affecting your creative quality. With our facilitators, each accelerant is given the space to grow into their own passions without feeling pressured. Our facilitators are also made up of industry professionals and creative entrepreneurs who will show accelerants the business side of creativity so with us, the accelerants really get a 360 accelerator program.

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